State : Sachsen-Anhalt
District (Kreis) : Burgenlandkreis
Verwaltungsgemeinschaft : Zeitzer Land
Wappen von Zeitz

The arms show the archangel Michael holding a sword and killing a dragon. The two small shields show the cross of St. Michael, and the arms of the diocese of Naumburg, to which the local parish historically belonged. St. Michael is the patron saint of the city, and he appeared already on the seal of the city in 1476. The only older seal (known from 1395) showed the St. Peter and St. Paul, the patron saints of Naumburg. Their symbols, key and sword, form the arms of Naumburg.


Wappen von Zeitz
Seal from around 1900
Wappen von Zeitz
The arms as shown by Hupp in the 1920s

Literature : Bensing et al., 1984



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